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CRON Crown CROR Crossroads CROS Crosley CROT Croft CROW Crown Line CRPM Crop Master Trailers, Inc.OREG Oregon Mfg. Co., Inc. OREG MANG ORIG Original Equipment Mfg., Ltd. ORIG Snowbug ORIO Oriole Trailer Mfg. Co. ORLA Orlando Boar Co.CHIB Chibi CHIC Chickasha Mobile Homes CHIE Chief Ocala Trailer Mfg.LIBH Sylvan Mobile Homes LIBY Liberty Industries LICH Lichtys Blacksmithing, Inc.PRX Porter Mfg., Inc. PRYE Pryer Inds. (Ada, OH) PSCC Pure Steel Custom Cycles, Inc.

CHIL Chilton Trailer Co., Inc. CHIM Chipmore Mfg. Co., Inc. CHIN Ching-Kan-Shan CHIP Chippewa Mobile Homes Corp.GARE Garelli GARG Garges Custom Trailers GARH Garway Homes, Inc.PALL Palliser (racing car) PALM Palm Trailers PALN Palmetto Sales of Laurens PALO Palamino Camping Trailer PALW Palmers Machine Works, Inc.WIND Windjammer Motorcoach WINE Windward Enterprises WING Winger Mfg. Co. WINI Winston Inds.

ALIE Allied ALIS Allis-Chalmers ALJO Aljo ALKO Alois Kober (AL-KO) ALL All American Campers ALL Allison Craft Boat Co.BRCO Barco Mfg. Co. BRCT Bear Cat Mfg., Inc. BRCV Brown Cargo Van, Inc.Neos,130,140,180,MOONFLOWER,NOS Netjets Aviation,40,90,0,EXECJET,EJA Netjets International,130,90,190,NETJET,NJT NetJets Transportes Aereos,130,90,40,FRACTION,NJE.FREF French Ford FREN French Horse Trailer FRES Friess Trailer FRHH Four-H Trailer Manufacturing, Inc.COMI Competitive Boat Trailer COML Commerical Structures COMM Com-Camp COMN Comet Construction Co.TIDW La Donti TIDW Tidwell Inds., Inc. TIDW Dorado Mobile Homes TIDW Western Mansion TIED Tie Down Engineering TIFF Tiffin Motor Homes, Inc.ZCZY Zastavia (ZCZ-Yugoslavia) ZED Wedco Ind. ZEF D.B.R. Sports, Inc. (Grandes-Piles, PQ) ZELI Zeligson ZENN Zenn Motor Co., Ltd. ZEP Pelican Intl. (Laval, PQ) ZERO Zero Motorcycles, Inc.

CFCH Colony Factory Crafted Homes CFD Custom Fiberglass Products CFD Tip-a-Canoe Stores, Inc.HUST Hustler Boat Trailer HUTC Hutco Boat Trailers HUTR Hunter Structures Trailer HUU Hurst Enterprises, Inc.MKH Metzeler Kautschuk MKMH MK 5-1400 Motor Home MKS Mako, Inc.GAG Gagnier Mfg., Inc. GAL Galaxy Boat Mfg. Co. (Columbia, SC) GALA Galactic Corp.BROH Broyhill Co., The BROK Broken Arrow Mobile Home BRON Broncco (Italy) BROO Brooklyn Trailer BROR Brock Star Trailer BROS Brothers Div. BROS Bros. Div. BROT Brooks Brothers Trailers, Inc.AUPA Aupa Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Hongdou-Aupa Motorcycle Co. Ltd. AUPA Hongdou-Aupa Motorcycle Co. Ltd. or Aupa Motorcycle Co., Ltd. AUPR Austin Products, Inc.Joseph Marine Trailer SAIL Sailboattransporter Trailers, LLC SAL Tiderunner, Inc. (Tacoma, WA) SALB Salsbury SALC Salsco, Inc.

BARI Barrentine Mfg. Co. BARK Barker Trailer Mfrs., Inc. BARL Bartlett Trailer Corp.IAC 2012 Final Programme. Enrico Saggese Chair Local Organising Committee EXHIBITION ORGANISERS. [email protected] Via Maiorise.HARR Harrington Mfg. Co., Inc. HARR Roanoke-Hustler Forklift HARR Hustler HARR Roanoke-Hustler HARS Harsco Corp.CAMB Cambridge Mfg. Co., Inc. CAMC Camp Cruiser Mfg. Co. CAMD Camel Camper Trailer CAME Camp Equipment Co., Inc. CAMF Camp Four Inds., Inc. CAMI Cam-Pact Co., Inc. CAML Camp-A-While Homes Mfg. Co. CAMM Camper City Coach Craft CAMO Camper Corp. of America CAMP Camper De Ville, Inc.SAVA Savage Coach Mfg., Inc. SAVG Savage Mfg. Corp. SAVN Savannah Homes, Inc.USA(3) - Decisive force PART ONE. The CZ is an area required by forces to conduct combat. mining of harbors. Such restrictions may.ERSK Erskine ERTH Earthbound RV Corp. or Earthbound, LLC ERY Ericson Yachts, Inc. (Irvine, CA) ESCA Escape Trailer ESCC Esco Corp.

SETR Setra SEV Sevylor of North America SEV Sevylor USA, Inc.TSB Storie Co., The TSB Champion Boats (The Storie Co.) TSCC AKTIV TSCC Tucker Sno-Cat Corp.

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Anhui Jianghuai Automotive Co., Ltd. JIAJ Jiajue Motorcycle Mfg. Co., Ltd. or Zhejiang Jiajue Motorcycle Mfg. Co., Ltd. JIAL Jialing Ind., Co., Ltd. Group JIAN Jianshe Industries Group Corp.EFG Page Powerboat, Inc. (Gallatin, TN) EGBD Eagle Body, Inc.

MANI Manitowoc Engineering Co., Inc. MANK Mankato Mobile Homes, Inc.AKA-Trailers, Inc., of Hill City NJZ New Jersey Homemade Boats NLBC NLB Corp.

BUTE Butler, L. T. BUTE L. T. Butler BUTL Butler Mfg. Co. BUTT Butterfield Musketeer BUU Bass Tub, Inc.BRET Brentwood Mobile Homes BREW Brewer Utility BREZ Breeze Camping Travel Trailer BRGR Bridgers Coaches, Inc.

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